• 2021 Taxes

    To the taxpayers of Douglass Township, Berks County - my office is closed to the public at this time because of the COVID-19 pandemic. You have probably received or will receive shortly your 2021 County/Twp Real Estate Tax Bill with my sitting hours listed. We had to have our sitting times in by January for the printing of the bills. I was hoping things would be better by now. I have not been able to get my vaccine yet and I do not want to risk getting sick or passing the virus onto anyone else. Please mail your payment or call or email me to make other arrangements for payment or if you have any questions. I also have a locked drop box at my office door for your convenience it you don't want to use the U S Postal System. Remember if you want a receipt you need to include a stamped self-addressed envelope with your payment. Heim82@aol.com or 610-367-6693

    Thank you

    Mary Kay Heimbach

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